How to find free wordpress themes online

By | March 20, 2017

Survival in the competitive field of online shopping is extremely difficult. New marketing strategies should be applied each day to stay in the competition. One technique which never gets old and always comes to the rescue is a Website. With an attractive website you can promote your business at global levels too.

There are many places online that will offer free themes, and various others that charge for their high quality premium themes. Although I would recommend investing in good theme unique, it’s a personal choice, some free themes can be very easy to adapt just as long as you know HTML and PHP.

Below are ways on how to find free wordpress themes online

Pay attention especially to themes in your niche. You might even find them by searching for “(your niche) Word Press themes.” There are sites that offer niched themes, like Halloween Word Press themes.

One more place to look is Smashing Magazine. They have their list of “100 Free High Quality Word Press Themes” and also every year they come out with the year’s best themes.

When choosing your theme; there are a few things you should think about. First of all, do they offer support? Unless you can customize it yourself (and lots of folks can), you’ll need support if you want to change anything in the layout. Lots of designers offer continuing support for their users.

You should also think about price. Free Word Press themes are great, but it’s not a bad idea to go ahead and shell out the cash. One reason is that free themes are often not as well designed as the ones you pay for. Presentation is everything and you want your site to look as good as possible. Sometimes, free Word Press themes also have built-in spam or malware, and that’s something you definitely want to avoid.

Finally, if you’re doing AdSense, there are Word Press themes made specifically for that purpose. But I’d recommend staying away from them. They tend to look spammy and low quality. When you’re doing AdSense, just choose a clean, simple theme. Your goal is to get them to click on the ads anyway.

Spend some time looking around. Think of it as “shopping” for themes! It’s fun when you consider it that way, and you really need to spend some time trying a few on before you buy.



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